About us

Core Values

Unidus Services (Manpower) Private Limited’s long term philosophy and goals are best reflected in our Vision Statement "You Need Us".
At Unidus Services ( Manpower ) Private Limited, we have consciously chosen to operate at the intersection of Employability and Employment. We believe that managing the context is as important as managing our business.

Unidus Services ( Manpower ) Private Limited has undertaken as a part of its mission; to create employability and a labour - friendly ecosystem in India. To sustain the current pace of economic growth, the most important resource that India needs is people or Human Resource. The speed of headcount scaling by some organizations (both Indian and multinational) in Indian Business has not happened anywhere else in the world and reflects a maturity that is unique to India.

Our Endeavour is to be a catalyst in improving the ecosystem for employment and skill development in India. From a customer perspective, this philosophy enables us to be the largest, scalable and a progressive service partner to address our clients’ requirements in this space

We do realize how difficult it is for most companies to train their people or hire trained resources, while balancing the impossible trinity of cost, quality and scale. Hence our services are designed to made to cater to the most critical needs in today’s context; needs both of Corporate India as well as India as a whole. We also believe that technology plays an important role in ensuring scalability, consistency and national operations. Therefore our focus is as much on improvement of business processes, employee training and re-skilling; and ensuring continuous and cutting edge technology enhancements. This enables us to achieve greater levels of business efficiency, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Unidus Services ( Manpower ) Private Limited is a cause as much as it is a company. Our vision and metrics are not just financial. In addition to our committed objective of adding value to our customers’ business, we have aligned ourselves to a bigger goal; that of enabling equality of opportunity and providing jobs to people. Our mission helps us attract energy and resources and benefits all stakeholders, including our corporate clients. We continue to aim to do well by doing good